• Treated 2×8 wood flooring.
  • Floor pressed into place to help eliminate gaps.
  • Front and rear end caps bolted into place to eliminate board cupping.
  • Full structural channel steel tongue, frame, and cross members featuring fully conjoined welds.
  • 6.7lb/ft channel steel frame – strongest standard frame in the industry!
  • Full wrap tongue extended to front suspension mount. Nothing stronger!
  • Critical tongue areas are braced and gussets are welded into place.
  • 5000lb set-back jack for more clearance.
  • 2 5/16″ 14000lb rated Posi-Lock coupler.
  • Dual extra long safety chains with ‘S’ hooks.
  • Leaf spring suspension mounted to equalized JIG fitted suspension system.
  • 4-wheel electric brakes with break-away kit and battery.
  • Custom built 10″ wide tandem fenders with structural braces inside. Strong enough to walk on!
  • Rock guard on fenders fronts helps against chipping.
  • 10 extra thick-formed stake pockets are standard on a 16′ trailer. The longer the trailer, the more pockets!
  • Low profile headache rack with four supports on front of the deck.
  • 5′ long ramps with lockable carrier and full width ramp hook bar on rear of deck.
  • Full LED, DOT compliant lighting includes combination stop, turn, and taillights.
  • Wiring harness.
  • Powder Coated Steel.
  • Download Brochure  HDF(e).pdf

Options on this Trailer

  • Heavy Service Ramps

  • Spare Tire Mount

Unit #1268


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